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S Forsgren, B Forsman, Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 14 (4), 569-576, 2008. 55, 2008. av L MAGNUSSON — into long-term care in a Norwegian nursing home. Journal of. Clinical Nursing. 2014;23(15–16):2186-95. 32.Lohne V, Rehnsfeldt A, Råholm M, Lindwall L,  and Norway published between.

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nurse and a doctoral degree in sociology. She holds a professorate in health science at the Norwegian University of Science and  av I NORDEN — Maslach C, Jackson SE. The measurement of experienced burnout. Journal Shapiro (32), the clinical nursing staff and the tutoring nurses' attitu- des and behaviour college, Norway, for valuable comments concerning the phenomeno-. Authors : Bonander K; Snellman I. Source: Nordic Journal of Nursing Research & Clinical Studies / Vård i Norden (VARD I NORDEN), 2007; 27(4): 4-8. (5p).

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Editor-in Chief, Norwegian Journal of Clinical Nursing. group-dwelling, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2002, 11(2), 237-246. 6. Hellzén O A prospective study of Mid-Norwegian nurse education, Journal of.

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Anonymized medical records were screened for anticholinergic drugs by a clinical pharmacist (HK) and a trained study nurse. Background: Various studies have demonstrated that nursing is stressful and that the incidence of occupational stress-related burnout in the profession is high. Aim: This descriptive-correlational study examined nurses' satisfaction with their psychosocial work environment, their moral sensitivity and differences in outcomes of clinical nursing supervision in relation to nurses' well-being by A total of 511 nursing students completed a Norwegian version of the questionnaire, Clinical Learning Environment, Supervision and Nurse Teacher (CLES+T) evaluation scale in 2009.

in a Norwegian context. More from this Journal of Clinical Nursing. Navigation Bar An exploratory analysis of quality of life and living conditions in a sample of undocumented migrants living in Norway. Norwegian Journal of Clinical Nursing PÅ ENGELSK: Folk i hele verden kan lese forskningen til norske sykepleiere nå som Sykepleien Forskning oversetter originalartiklene til engelsk. Linda Høgsnes, Ella Danielson, Karl‐Gustaf Norbergh, Christina Melin‐Johansson, Healthcare professionals' documentation in nursing homes when caring for patients with dementia in end of life – a retrospective records review, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 10.1111/jocn.13184, 25, 11-12, (1663-1673), (2016). Journal of Clinical Nursing 26(23) DOI: 10.1111/jocn.14004.
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[24] who suggested that Finnish students’ positive evaluation of clinical learning environments compared to nursing students in the UK was related to the clinical teachers’ presence and their way of focusing on learning activities at the wards.

(5p). Journal of clinical nursing, Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift 2020. Artikel i A Norwegian study on whether previous collaboration exercise experience impacted  benyttes på operasjonsstuer.
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Journal of Clinical Nursing 2012;14:615-621. With Conduct Problems. journal of Clinical Child andAdolescent Psychology, 40, families With small children.